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If you are seeking for quality, timely delivery and attentive response 24 x 7. You are at the right place. Send me a message and let’s start a great business experience!

I am not sure what I want. I am free to have design suggestion or Decision from you.

I will be happy to assist you. There will be a  extra GIG PACK added with your order for the decision over design.

I don't have any proper file for you to work with.

That's not a big deal, just provide me a freehand sketch and we can further go on to provide you each and every detail according to your needs.

I just have a site and building type I want.

That's what I need being and as a BIM Specialist Engineer, I can make a design that fully meets your needs on a project.

I have the model in Revit but need proper presentation of it.

That's great, once you provide us the model, we can generate drawings from it for any type of architectural presentation and provide you sheets ready to print!

I am not sure what is the relevant package for my project?

Just send me the details about your project & I will give you suggestion.


"Mr.Prateek is a professional guy and was greatly agreed on a price upfront understood the brief and converted my DWG's to 3D BIM model in Revit very quickly. Great communicator and scheduler. I will take the service from "Archi Nomad" ( again. He is an incredibly professional BIM Engineer Expert in Revit and very skilled. Would highly recommend him for long term business growth. He replies on time and delivers the projects on time. Thank you so much!!"

Mehrad Nahouri

Electrical Engineering at The University of Texas at Dallas - USA

Mr. Prateek (Founder of Archi nomad) is extremely reliable with great communication during BIM Modeling coordination. Handles any complex BIM task that you ask of with ease and creates high-quality work. Communicates well and answers back frequently if changes are needed. I highly suggest anyone to work with him. He is ready to help 24/7 upfront with your project.

Jonathan Bekanga

Civil Engineer at DVDA, Ministry of Rural Devpt | DR Congo

It's been fantastic working together with Prateek Mahapatra. Wise, smart, amazing, and well-educated BIM Modeller who can be trusted. He assumed a leadership role in BIM, inspiring and motivating his colleagues. Give him the really challenging tasks, the ones that everyone else is struggling with, and he will get them done. Dedicated and goal-oriented strategist that cannot be overestimated. I thoroughly appreciated dealing with him on numerous BIM projects.

Vishesh Shah

MS Construction Project Management with BIM | Civil Engineer

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