Office Building

CIAT, United Kingdom

The client was from CIAT-UK, and the request was for flexible office spaces with a capacity of 150 people for meetings, seminars, and solo exhibitions. He also gave CAD drawings for better comprehension in order to obtain an exact model. The facility has a huge hall that may be utilised for open houses and other events, as well as an information section. Additional features of this structure include two galleries and a 100-seat performance space. I successfully completed this massive BIM job with detailed drawings in less than 15 days.

Residential Building

South America.

This job came from a client in South America who wanted a Revit model with a combination of residential complex and shopping area on the ground floor. The 3D model was created entirely with Revit Architecture and some parametric family elements. The residential floors include three-bedroom homes with a huge living room. The entire model took 10 days to complete, from CAD sketch to 3D model and IFC in Revit with excellent quality delivery.

Residential House

Studio 3DX Inc, Cyprus

This is a residential model, and the client hired me for a job that required the conversion of scanned 2D blueprints dating back to 1985 to a fully 3D model in Revit. He promptly created a hand sketch to help with comprehension of this 3D model. In order to complete the job, I first produced a CAD drawing from scratch and converted it into a Revit Architecture 3D model in less than 10 days.


Bew Group Pty Ltd, Australia.

This Airbnb model was built for Australia's BEW Group Pty Ltd. They asked me to convert a hand sketch design into a 3D Revit architecture model. This building was once a residential property and was later converted into an Airbnb. This project was produced in 12 days using Enscape rendering. I've been with BEW Group Pty Ltd for a long time.

House 4474

PPG Construction Ltd, Ireland

House 4474m 3D modeling For PPG Construction Ltd - Ireland. The client demanded a quick turnaround and high-quality 3D modelling in Revit Architecture. I designed unique panels for the roof and wall siddings. The house also has an underground location and a sophisticated roof construction. I successfully delivered this model to my client in just 10 days.

Aircraft Hanger

Bond Power Projects, United States

The Aircraft hangar was planned and built in the United States by Bond Power Projects. The structure was constructed using a steel frame and architectural components. I used Revit program to construct 3D model with custom elements and families such as doors, staircases, among other things. The client provided me with sketches and ideas in CAD for the landscape in order for me to create a 3D BIM model in Revit.