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BIM Architectural & Structural Modelling Service

Started in 2020, comes from the mass shift to remote work occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic. Archi Nomad offers BIM Modeling services with a unique combination of end-to-end design solutions for Architecture and Structure. While in the past the ranks of digital nomads were dominated by entrepreneurial independent workers, we have created a team who can work from anywhere in the world and give the best Architecture and Structure Modeling services to our most valuable clients. Not only we are capable of converting the CAD raw data to BIM, but we are also helping out clients with various file conversion projects from STP to RFA, Sketchup to BIM, etc.

Based in India, Chhattisgarh, we have a reputation for fast-delivering drafting, BIM modeling (C&S), Point Cloud to 3D modeling in Revit. We make sure to set our industry expectations when it comes to the accuracy of our work for processed CAD data. Such practices help us to maintain high standards of accuracy and our valuable client relationships with us.

Our business is built with the following main elements
Architectural & Structure BIM Modeling Service
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